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Norton Antivirus 2020 - Latest Version Download For Android

The market today is filled with a host of antivirus software and there is no clear contender for the prize of the top spot due to the nature of the industry - some antivirus software catch a particular virus while others don’t while others catch another and the first ones don’t - this is the real-time problem, however there are a gamut of parameters by which the top one can be selected. Norton Antivirus is the best from the lot and it is a Free Android Antivirus. The antivirus industry requires not just a good deal in software that is able to provide a variety of services that are in fact not just limited to providing well-coded GUI ie Graphical User Interface and an anti-virus at the backend. There is much more.

A good antivirus comes with

  1. Firewall
  2. Antivirus
  3. Antispyware
  4. Antiphishing
  5. Anti Spam and malware
  6. Active and Real-time protection
  7. Keyloggers, trojans and rootkit removals and protection kits among the many other features necessary

And from a non-professional perspective keeping the passwords safe under one antivirus password seems like the first godsend. The antivirus - Norton antivirus is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the industry for its work and purpose.

Norton Antivirus is one of the oldest antivirus’ and is owned by Symantec Corporation. The company has released more than 21 versions of the product until now. The product has been made alive copy only after successful completion of Live Update feature which makes the virus definitions and heuristics for catching the product more up to date and to the point.

The software has many competitors in the modern world such as ESET NOD32, McAfee, Avast among many many other successful variants. Norton has also shown a strong nationalistic and patriotic zeal by allowing FBI law enforcement agency, to install a keylogger called Magic Lantern and thus be able to collect information about the person to their requirement. The product had thus been also criticized for making such a move in November 2001 but it held its ground. The company has also ensured an anti-piracy drive against the software that they are producing by disabling the product if it is rendered unable to update it’s virus definitions online.

The software otherwise has held its ground and has been always neutral towards all the products in the market thereby allowing total movement of software and hardware through in and throughout without any problems.

The software is a great source of respite from the prying eyes of snooping organizations hoping to sell their products, learning about your sale and purchase patterns, and click ratios and statistics as well as banking transaction details. Such information holds near total complete destructive value for a financial institution as well as the financial dimension of an individual's’ life. The whole process has thus been made into a safe, secure and totally resilient experience for the end user. The user can easily and comfortably transact online at the banking stations, buy, sell and trade on the various portals without the worry in the world for what would happen in case the information of the debit card or credit card number were compromised by the computer.

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